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I can't say I'm exactly in daily pursuit of coolness. But occasionally the stars align to produce it accidentally, much to my mirth. And thus it was one day in October in New York when we trotted down to SoHo to go to Uniqlo. Now, Uniqlo to me is a good place to get nice, well-made basics at a reasonable price, but apparently to New Yorkers it's the ne plus ultra of cool. Maybe because there's only one store in the US, I dunno. Anyway, so there I was with my Uniqlo bag, full of nice, well-made basics at a reasonable price, and for the entire day people were stopping me in the street to ask about it. Yes! New Yorkers! Talking to strangers! Some wanted directions to the store. One guy begged me to tell him if I'd been shopping from the fall line (not likely. There was a line across the store just to look at it. I'm not that fond of Jil Sander).

Then when we came out of Uniqlo, we were looking for some lunch in SoHo and finding it difficult to find any (it's all retail down there). Then we spotted a restaurant at last, went in and asked for a table. Were all of our party there? Yup. Then they thought they could take us. Much to our surprise, this turned out to be Balthazar's, the kind of place that paparazzi camp outside of and where you usually have to wait weeks for a table. Huh. Who knew? Well, the trout salad was good.

By the next day, the celestial configuration had moved on and I was back to my usual obscurity. But it was fun(ny) while it lasted.

Date: 2010-11-16 05:22 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
UNIQLO is great for unique men's and women's clothing (, and the fact that there's only one in New York probably makes it even more unique, especially considering so many people there are tourists.


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